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Welcome to WARMUP Doc. ! Get familiar with WARMUP Modules and explore their features:

UBUNTU Installation

Complete Guide to Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


It gives information about WARMUP dashboard.

Google ReCaptcha V2 Setup

It gives information about Google Re Captcha V2 Setup.

Warmup Setting

Here you can setup WARMUP.

Area Management

Here you can set areas in which you provide services.

Nas Setup

Here you can set new NAS,can check NAS list and download public key.

Package's Setup

Here you can check packages list and add new packages.

Company Setup

Here you can check different company groups and setup loop holders.

HR Module

You can add new staff, staff groups and check staff.

Customer Record

Here you can check different customers.


Here you can check your Expenses.

Server Setting

Here you can setup your serever.

Mikrotik Monitoring

Here you can monitor your Mikrotik bandwidth.