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Welcome to WARMUP Doc. ! Get familiar with WARMUP Modules and explore their features:

Info about expense report
Info about expense report
  1. Go to Expense module
  2. From here you can access the list of tyes of expenses.
  3. Here you can add more expenses.
  4. From here you can export the data in given formats.
  5. Here you can sort the users entries.
  6. From here you can check the staus of the user active or non-active
  7. These are the controls for editing and deleting the entries.
Info about  current month expenses
Info about adding new type of expenses
  1. Enter the type of expense.
  2. Give details abut the expense.
  3. From here activate the expense if not it will only be added.
  4. Enter paid amount of the particular expense.
  5. Now final step add the type of expense.