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Welcome to WARMUP Doc. ! Get familiar with WARMUP Modules and explore their features:

Access Connection Tracking Logs
  1. Go to LOGS MODULE
  2. Then go to Connection Tracks
Tracking Form
Tracking Form Loaded
  1. Once Clicked The Tracking Form Loads.
  2. This form has some required fields like Select Date
  3. All Remaining fields can be filled as per available information
image with caption
Form Filled
  1. As the screenshot shows I have filled the available information.
  2. Now we have to click the Green Button at the End.
  3. As you Click Fetch WARMUP Tracks Button it will load a new page and fetch the available information.
image with caption
Results Output
  1. The Result window is shown in the screenshot.
  2. If you have filled the form properly then this page will display the Logs
  3. As you can see in the Result Window that results are fetched.
  4. Results fetched contain information like Username of Enduser who did activity against the Log row.
  5. Service used for this action.
  6. NAS IP and Physical Port Involved for this action.
  7. A Complete Log Message which contains the Source IP, Destination IP, Source Port, Destination Port and Other Available Information.
Complete Video Demo for Tracking Logs